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Le DZ, restaurant – Lounge bar


Chef Frédéric Graglia, and the entire team of DZ open every day from 12 to 13:45 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (except Saturday lunch, Sunday all day and public holidays).

You are kindly recommended to book a table at:  +33 (0)4 79 63 80 50.


In a contemporary setting, the Dropping Zone restaurant, DZ, invites you for a culinary journey.

The inventive cuisine of talented Chef Frédéric Graglia, combines classics with humor to received original taste of the flavors of the word.


Duck foie gras mixed with dried fruits

Almond, pine pinion, pistachio, apricot, cranberry and toasted brioche bread

17.50 €

Foie gras “pâté en croûte”

Cold sauce, foie gras cream, young lettuce shoots

10.50 €

Scallop and seafood carpaccio

Marrow seed and yuzu lemon sauce


Chickpea hummus with herbs

Parmesan chip, grissino biscuits

10.50 €

Specials yster n°3 (Marennes d’oléron)

3 pieces 6.00 €

6 pieces 11.50€

12 pieces 21.00€

Savoyard mixed salad, dried pork slices Reblochon samosa, diced Beaufort cheese,
cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, croutons

Small 11.50 €

Big 14.50 €

César mixed salad, dried pork slices, reblochon samosas, dice of beaufort, cherry tomatoes, sliced mushroom, croutons

Small 11.50 €

Big 14.50 €


Veggie goat’s cheese lasagna
Lasagna, spinach, mince mushrooms, fresh goat’s cheese and tomato coulis

15.50 €

Sheperd’s pie of einkorn and seasonal vegetables

Comfit in black olive oil, grilled with beaufort

15.50 €

Pasta shell with braised ham, black truffle

23.50 €

Big cooked egg with black truffle

17.00 €

Char fish medallion – fish farming of Charles Burgat (Beaufortain)

Citrus fruits sauce

18.50 €

Catch of the day
(fresh fish according to the market)
Seasonal cooking

18.50 €

Prime rib of veal

Low temperature and pan fried cooked, cep sauce

22.50 €

Quail stuffed with yello girolle mushrooms – creamed girolle sauce

18.90 €

Beef burger – homemade tartar sauce, reblochon

19.50 €

Beef piece according to the market
Beef juice

23.50 €

100% Beef Tartare, choose your seasoning
Classic Tartare

Cru 16.00 €

“César” (préparé puis poêlé) 17.50 €

Italian Tartare

Cru 17.00 €

“César” 18.50 €

Thaï Tartare

Cru 17.00 €

“César” 18.50 €

To accompany your meal choose a side dish, Moment Vegetable or French fries “homemade” or mixed salad

All our meats are from European origin



Beaufort « regional cheese » with seasonal jam

6.90 €

Tomme de Savoie «regional cheese», served with lettuce

6.90 €

Mixed of Savoy cheese, Tomme de Savoie, Beaufort, Reblochon

7.90 €

Creamy cheese, reach cream or fruits coulis

5.10 €


Big exotic macaron

Candied passionfruit and pineapple, lychee chantilly

7.50 €

Chocolat sphere with lemon thyme light cream

Milked caramel sauce, carrot chips, génépi ice cream

Strawberry sorbet

7.50 €

Three textures lemon : sorbet, cream, emulsion

Citrus crumble and almond “opaline”

7.50 €

Chocolate cake crumble way, melting caramel heart

Just warm , salted caramel ice cream

8.00 €

Gourmet Coffee Surprise !

7.80 €

Gourmet Coffee Surprise ! with a selection of alcohol: Génépi, Green Chartreuse or Manzanita

9.50 €


3.50 € la boule

Ice cream

Vanilla, Salted caramel, Black Chocolate, Hazelnut,, Coconut Milk, Mint-Chocolate, Yoghurt


Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Lime, Mango, Pear


Like a chameleon, the Lounge Bar transforms as the hours and seasons progress so we can offer you the perfect atmosphere.

Cozy and warm in the winter, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee around the fireplace.